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Coral Seed

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products from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Mongolia

29 September 2011

Coral Seed, a fair trade partnership, is a BAFTS recognised importer working directly with small producer groups in Bangladesh, Mongolia and Cambodia.

Coral Seedís designer, often serving as a VSO volunteer, helps producers to use their traditional skills to develop fashion and home accessories relevant to todayís changing markets.

An emphasis is placed on using only the natural fibres produced by the countries where we work, hand-woven silk, cotton and jute from Bangladesh, cashmere, yak, camel and sheepís wool from Mongolia and silk and cotton from Cambodia.

All Coral Seedís products are hand-generated; our producer groups represent some of the most disadvantaged sectors of society. By constant feedback and effective marketing we aim to achieve fair prices and incomes for the producers. By building long-term markets for their products we hope to sustain improved quality of life for producers and their communities. Some of the income is used by the NGOs and small businesses on local projects such as sanitation, health and education. The majority of our producers are women or minority groups, and by supporting our work, customers can be assured of making a very positive contribution towards raising the standard of living of our very skilled artisans.

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