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products from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Mongolia

29 September 2011

Coral Seed is a small fair-trade partnership, importing fashion and home accessories from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Mongolia. Our designer works with Coral Seed producers - mainly women from rural areas - to help them apply their traditional skills to contemporary hand-made pieces. These include; hand-embroidered silk scarves, silk and cotton cushions and bedcovers from tropical Bangladesh, silk and cotton bags and silk scarves from Cambodia, and felt bags from the sub-Arctic steppes of Mongolia.

Coral Seedís aim is to help our producers develop saleable products for the global market; to build sustainable markets at fair prices for those products and through continuous product development and effective marketing provide increased incomes and long term improvements in the standard of living, health and education.

Our products are available in fair trade shops across the British Isles, and other outlets supporting the fair trade ethos, or directly from us by mail order.

Coral Seed

Fair Trade

Coral Seed is a BAFTS recognised importer. The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) is a network of independent Fair Trade or World Shops across the UK. It is an information, and support organisation for its members. More information can be found at the BAFTS web site;

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